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todayMarch 6, 2021

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Critiquing cloud lockin

I hear a lot of talk about cloud lockin. I hear it from people with self funded startups, authors on tech blogs and developers. The argument I hear most is that if you start using cloud native tooling, you’ll become dependent on it, accumulate tech debt and be forever burdened. [...]


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Zenzora is a site and blog run by Jake Berkowsky. Jake is the CTO of RunAsCloud, an advanced cloud consultancy specializing in security. He holds a masters degree in information security and is a certified CISSP.

When he’s not working, traveling or riding his bike around Boston, Jake spends his time researching, learning and building security tools. He made this site to showcase his work.

If you’d like to contact Jake, send him a message on LinkedIn

Jake Berkowsky